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Welcome to The Enema Strikes Back!

Young & Hopeless [a good charlotte website i created]
LoserkidsRulez [a punk rock band site]
ParadiseLost  [a GREAT anime site owned by my friend Linda]

Welcome to The Enema Strikes Back!

Its your online source to everything blink182 and punk rock.

This includes bios pics lyrics discography quizzes updates and more!

Update! ok, i finished the wallpapers, screensavers and winamp. ima try to work on the message boards so0n!
3/16/04- i just added pics for Tom Mark Group and Travis, even tho i need more 4 him. o and i also created another website, Young and Hopeless , a Good Charlotte webbie. its brand new, and im still working on it, -n- dis website 2. ima add sum wall papers, and sum more graphics here 2. -~*Skyly*~
3/11/04- Instead of going to school today, i get to stay home and transfer all the stuff of dis website from freewebs to tripod. woohoo.
3/11/04- wow, i did tons of stuff today. im almost finished, im also gonna add more crap bcoz i hav tons of pages. o and i also need to add links..i wonder wat everyone else is doin @ skooL? haha, looosers. g2g, bac 2 work, Skyly.

Dis site made by Linda and Rachel. Remade by Linda for Tripod.  Check out our bios...cumin s0on & so is the skateboarding website.
also done is the good charlotte website just created. Click Here to visit it. also now ima work on d ABOUT US site, dis will be for ALL sites created so i dont hav 2 make a page everytime 4 me and my friends.

Credits (Photos, Info) (Info) (Photos, Info) 
The Blink 182 Community (Photos)
Elevator (Photos, Info) (Photos, Info) (Photos, Info) (Photos)
Kerrang! Magazine (Photos) (bios on blink and bcr) (lyrics) (info on Sp and GC) (pcs) (info)

Thanks for everything, If i have your info on my website, please email us, so we could put ur site on ours.

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