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Travis Barker


Full Name : Travis Landon Barker                           

Living at : Riverside, CA

Martial Status : Divorced

Kids : Landon Barker

Part in Blink182 : Drums

D.O.B : November 14th 1975

Fav.Bands : the Police, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Descendents, Method Man, Bad Religion, NoFx, Dag NastyFavorite

Pets : Two Rottweilers; Cadillac and Kimmy

Tattoos : 50+ - This includes:

His head




(See Below For More)

Piercings : Lip & both ears, nose - both nostrills

Travis and girlfriend Shana Moakler

Travis started drumming when he was 4, and he had the same drum set until he was 15. He liked skateboarding and wanted to become a professional skater. But when he started high school, his mother, Gloria, died of cancer. Travis was only 15 when this happend. She told him to keep playing music, and to follow his dreams. Travis finished school and started on his music career, landing him a rather good spot, with the Aquabats. After while, Scott left blink 182, and Travis was asked to do a show for blink. he learnt the set list in 45 mins and blink 182 had found a new drummer. Travis has been through one marrage, divorcing Mellisa after only a year. Reasons for this are unknown. For fun he likes to teach drum lessons to kids, make cars, collect cadilacs and he runs his own company, Famous Stars And Straps. And now, hes got what he wants, money, a kid, one fucking mega musical talent, a playboy girlfriend and the main thing he loves to do, make good music.