The Enema Strikes Back


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Ever wondered where the 182 came from? You're not alone. Many rumors surrounding the meaning of the number have been circulated (many started by the band themselves) for years, and here's the real answer: there is no meaning to it. It's just a random number they decided to add to their name to keep from being sued by an Irish techno band already recording as Blink.

Tom told Craig Kilborn about it, "The 182 we had to add later on because there's this band called Blink from Ireland. They suck. They broke up though; they're like techno. And then they said we couldn't use the name so we just added a number."

Rumored Meanings Behind the 182:

  • The number of times Al Pacino says 'Fuck' in Scarface
  • Mark's ideal weight
  • The number of miles between Mark's house and his girlfriend's
  • Somebody's address
  • The number of times Mark's masturbated to Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi
  • The number of Mark's grandpa's racecar
  • The number of Mark's grandpa's boat in World War II
  • The eighteenth letter of the alphabet is R. The second is B. 18+2=RB, or Ranch Bernardo, where Mark and Scott lived for years and Tom attended high school for a semester