The Enema Strikes Back


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Useless facts bout blink


During early band rehearsals, band in 1992, Mark used to flash his friends to make them laugh

They dont want to be known as The Naked Band

The trio opened the 1999 Billboard music awards via a filmed segment of them streaking through Las Vegas

Mark manages a punk band out of Texas named Fenix-TX

Blinks beginnings can be traced back to 1992 when Mark droped out of college and moved to San Deigo to start a band

Mark grew up in Ridgecrest California, a town so boring that he and his friends used to go out and burn things in the desert.

Marks parents divorced when he was 8

Mark met Tom Through his sister, who was dating one of Tom's best friends

Scott Raynor was the original drummer

Travis was in a band called the Aquabats

Tom went to high school in Poway, California (where he grew up with his mom, Connie, now a real estate agent; his dad, tom, an energy company executive; sister Kari and brother Shon)

Tom was expelled for a year in schooll for consumming alcohol

Tom was voted Homecoming King but only because his friends did it to make the administrators mad because they all hated them

Travis grew up in Fontana, California, in a high crime neighborhood, with his mom, Gloria, a machinist, and his mom, Gloria, a housewife who babysat Local Kids

Travis' mother died the day before the started high school, after being diagnosed with cancer only 3 months earlier

Travis was a mama's boy. She made his bed, did his laundry, and helped him with his laundry, and helped him with his homework. She made him start playing drums at the age of 4.

Started off with the name Cajones, then El Cuatro, and them Blinkand finally Blink 182!

they were dissed for being a punk band signed on a major label and not an indie label

A track by blink 182 appears on 'Say A Prayer for the Liberdale; viva east timor.' An australian benefit CD for orphans in war-torn East Timor. Its available on import only.

Janine is the name of the Porn Star on the cover of the CD

Their first cd was 'Cheshire Cat', the second;

Mark stripped naked during a live indoor BMX race on TRL. Afterward, Carson Daly allegedly refuses to do a live interview the 'naked man'.

Travis has a second job as a drum teacher in Riverside, California.

Mark wont sing without first brushing his teeth.



Travis was once a trashman in Laguna Beach.

Mark's sister, Anne Hoppus, is currently dating Damon from Fenix TX.

Mark's father's name is Tex, his mother's name is Carrie, and his younger sister is Anne.

Tom's mother's name is Connie.

Tom chose the name [Blink] simply because he likes short verbs

Other names considered for Enema of the State were: Turn your head and cough, Viking Wizard Eyes and blink 182: Electric Boogaloo

Adam's song was inspired by a magazine article about a teenager who committed suicide.

Used to call themselves "Sexual Monkey" as a joke.

Appears in the movie, American Pie.

Their album, Dude Ranch, is certified gold in both the U.S. and Canada, and is certified platinum in Australia.

Enema of the State, is certified gold in the U.S.

'Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full of Lies',was a consideration for the name of the album, instead of 'Enema of the State'

'Enema of the State' has sold over 1,000,000 copies.

The band's favorite movies are: Fletch, Three amigos, and Vacation.

Now, the band runs their own on-line retail skate shop called Loser Kids.

The store has music, clothing, and boarding/skating items.

Tom worked at a place called Gary's Chicken and Ribbs in his home town Poway, California.

I've heard numerous things about Tom's lip piercing, like he doesn't have his lip pierced and its fake. I've also heard that its real and he has the scar to prove it.

He has a big obsession with Aliens, claiming the only reason he got a computer was to look up UFO sites. His big belief in Aliens also formed the song, Aliens Exist.

Tom formed Blink

Tom, grewing up in Poway, California. His mom, Connie, is now a real estate agent. His dad, Tom, is a energy company executive. And hee has a sister, Kari, and brother, Shon.

Tom once got expelled for a year for drinking alcohol.

Tom works out every day on tour.

Tom Doesn't smoke.

Tom's favorite CD of all time is Less Talk, More Rock by Propaghandi.

Tom appears in the movie Idle Hands as a fast food employee, who wears a sombrero. He only has one line.

The very first album Tom ever bought was a DI album.

Tom attended Poway High school in California.

Tom was voted homecoming king by his friends to piss of administrators because they all hated him.

Tom's girlfriend, Jennifer got mad about the line from Dumpweed, "I need a girl that I can train."

[Tom's]Favorite moves are: Karate Kid, Back To The Future Trilogy, Die hard Trilogy, and Braveheart Last Of The Mohicans.

Mark wrote "Going away to college" on Valentine's Day after watching 'Can't Hardly Wait'.

Mark has his nipple pierced.

Mark's hero of all time is none other than Homer J. Simpson.

Mark has 0.0 tattoos on his most of the time naked body.

Mark appeared on-stage nude, at MTV's Castaway Countdown, during the band's performance of What's My Age Again?

Mark hates playing any tour dates in Europe

Mark appeared on-stage nude, again, at KROQ's 1999 Weenie Roast.

Mark actually hates the taste of beer, no lie.

[Mark]At a show in Boston, he took an inflatable sheep, shoved a drum stick up it's ass, and tossed it into the crowd.

Mark thinks Disney Movies kick ass!

Mark attended Burroughs High School in Ridgecrest, California.

Mark wrote Dammit in just 5 minutes, about a break-up that never actually happened.

Mark owns a pet beagle, named Ahi.

Travis is a former member of the Aquabats.

Travis' Stage name for the Aquabas was "Travis Baron von Tito."

Travis has 40 - 50 tattoos on his body, including a giant boom box on his stomach.

Travis is really big collector of muscle cars.

Travis also played in a band called Feeble.

Travis loves leopard prints he has a cowboy hat to prove it.

Travis grew up in Fontana, California, which is located in San Bernadino county.

Travis tried taking up Tatoo drawing because he got board in high school.

Travis' favorite cereal is Lucky Charms.