The Enema Strikes Back


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Tom Delonge
Full Name: Thomas Matthew Delonge
Part in Blink182: Guitar/Vocals
Martial Status : Married To Jenifer
Kids : Girl, Ava
Living at : Encinitas, CA
D.O.B: December 13th 1975
Age: 27
Fav. Bands: Menudo, The Descendants, NOFX, Far, Jimmy Eat World, Beastie Boys, Pennywise, Prophagandhi, Screeching Weasel, The Queers, NOFX, Bad Religion
Pets: Dog, Grey
He plays : Tom plays a Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster guitar, based on a Fender Lone Star Stratocaster, split into a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier amp powering two Mesa Boogie 4x12 rectifier cabinets, and a Marshall JCM 900 amp powering yet a third Mesa Boogie 4x12 rectifier cabinet. He uses a shure wireless system. Tom plays Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom strings uses Jim Dunlop Tortex .60mm picks and a Jim Dunlop pick holder on his mic. In his guitar he has a Seymour Duncan Invader Humbucker blasting out sounds. He uses Ernie Ball straps.
Piercings : Lips & both ears 
Tattoos : Whole of left are upto left breast..

Tom was born Thomas Matthew DeLonge, Jr., on December 13, 1975. He was born & raised in Poway, California, by his mom, a real estate agent by the name of Carrie, & his dad, an energy company executive by the name of Tom, Sr. Then there were his older brother, Shon, & his younger sister, Kari. In high school Tom was your typical punk kid, an arch-nemesis of the faculty. He was actually suspended for a whole year for coming to school drunk. His parents, naturally, were pissed off, & forced him to stop playing in bands. Tom was crushed; he even wrote a song for Dude Ranch about it. Anyway, Tom made a triumphant return to school, & all of his friends voted him Homecoming King. Actually, this was part of a scheme to piss off the school administrators, who had a mutual hate for Tom. Shortly after high school, Tom got together with his pal, Mark, formed a band called Blink, & the rest of the story tells itself. Tom is known for his sick, twisted mind & fascination with aliens and conspiracies. He currently lives in Encinitas, CA, & spends his free time with his wife, Jen Jenkins, who he married to in May of 2001.

Tom and his wife Jennifer Jenkins
Married: May 26, 2001

What He Says - "Hello, my name is Thomas Matthew Delonge, and I was born December 13, 1975. I'm a Sagittarius. Most people like me; they find me attractive. They also find me absolutely amazing in bed. I grew up in San Diego, CA, where I was born. I grew up skateboarding. That was my whole life. That and music. I got my first guitar for a birthday present when I was a freshman in high school. Then, I sat around and made my sister, Kari, and my brother, Shon, listen to songs about anything from zits to girls to food. And I tried to play Descendents songs. I am the founding member of blink. But seriously, I am really good in bed."

Anthem Part 2
First Date
Story of a Loney Guy
Stay Together for the Kids
Reckless Abandon
Give Me One Good Reason
Please Take Me Home
What Went Wrong?
Fuck a Dog
Don't Tell Me
Time To Break Up
Aliens Exist
Dysentary Gary
All the Small Things
Dick Lips
I'm Sorry
Touchdown Boy
Peggy Sue
Does My Breath Smell?
Toast and Bananas
Romeo and Rebecca
Ben Wah Balls
Just About Done
21 Days
Point of View
My Pet Sally
Dead Man's Curve (Shake, Rattle, and Roll : An American Love Story)
Dancing With Myself (Generation X cover on Before You Were Punk, Vol. 1)
Blow Job
The Country Song