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Benj's MANY hairstyles

There's a big collage of just benji.... and well you can kinda see what kinda hair he's had for the past couple years....



Yes, this is benji cause I know benji very well and this is him. This is when he first started playing around with his hair color

Benji when they use to practice..

YES this is benj.... NOT joel, Now he looks like Joel! I think this picture was after they got signed, but i'm not sure about that. You can see, he has his lip pierced at that time.


This is benji when the first cd came out

this is one of my fav hairsyles of his... This is probably the mini version of his liberty spikes.

Now this is my favorite hairstyle of his... Right now he still has the mini version of liberty spikes with the pink shock on his left instead of his right. He's starting to get more tattoos now.

He put some blue in it now

He now he has the tall mowhawk with the pink shock now in the middle. Lars from Rancid gave him the mowhawk.

 This time Benji gets into the whole beanie wearing stage. He now experiments with the black eyeliner tears thing on the picture on the right

small spikes and small mowhawk

This is him once again with alot of different color's in his hair yet same style

Ok, he's back with the beanie look.

This is when he looked like drew carry...weird but true


 Back with that beanie.


As we can tell, he's working on it

Wow, now that's a big change! He went from the beanie to the liberty spikes.

Benji move's into the bandana look cause of Joel..and its green, mowhawk, and with black leapord spots i know yoy can't tell but it is...

He's back with the hat...

Benji trys out gold and black leapord spots 

Now its pink with the leapord spots

Now its all black

user posted image

now its a black mohawk with the bleached leopard spots