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Joel Reuben Madden


 D.O.B.: March 11,1979

Hometown: Waldorf/ Naptown

Height: 5 ' 9"

Eye Color: Brown

Present Hair Style: brown/black mohawk yay!

Clothing: Diesel, Dickies, Docs, studded jewelry, and belts,
t-shirts, east coast clothing, evolve clothing, boxers (sometimes boxer briefs)

Pets: Cash (the #1 stunner)

Food: Cookies (snicker doodles), and anything home cooked

Color: Baby blue

Movie: Any Star Wars and Trainspotting

T.V. Show: The Simpsons, martin, south park, and seinfield

Cereal: Cinnamon Life

Star Wars: Episode 1

Famous Chick: Natalie Portman

Holiday: Christmas

Restaurant: Rubio's (on the west coast) Acme (in Naptown)

Rapper: Tupac (the greatest of all time)

Person In History: Elvis, or James Dean

Ice Cream: Mint chocolate cookie

Super Hero: Spiderman

Other Things Joel loves: Anything star wars, going to the movies by myself, cooking, toys, sushi, girls, spiked hair, piercings, tattoos, the east coast, the west coast, clean socks, jewelry, getting mail, shopping malls, veggie burgers,

Things Joel doesn't Love: Waking up, wasabi, rainy days, humidity, every math teacher I've ever had, manual labor, 6th & main, bitter ex-football players

Musical Influences: The smiths, the cure, beastie boys, weezer, cash money millionaires, green day, goldfinger, MxPx, social distortion, depeche mode, the lemonheads, Ben lee, the clash, Jimmies chicken shack, Tupac, Fiona Apple, bjork, Everclear, nirvana

Favorite Part Of Being In GC: Our fans are always really cool and interesting people, and traveling around the country, and hopefully the world, meeting them is awesome. Especially with my bros.........

Hobbies: I love collecting Mcfarlend action figures, and many other toy action figures, I also collect crucifixes, I like to read, and I love hanging out with my family and my dog cash.......